The Mesilla Valley Store has a one of kind exterior on the Old Mesilla Plaza, not typical of the usual adobe buildings in the area. Large glass windows and stamped metal make up the storefront. It’s said that the stamped metal storefront was bought from a mail order catalog and shipped to Mesilla by railroad. After the arrival of the railroad in 1881, the county had access to a number of products not available in the area at the time including building materials.

Come inside through the double doors, across the wooden floors towards the back of the store and you will find a wooden staircase, stained and smoothed by time. The split staircase leads up to a U-shaped balcony, now used for light storage and office space.

At one time the store was joined to the southern building which is now the Mesilla Book Center. The large arched opening between the two is walled off at present.

Now some history on how the store came to be…

Did you know?

In 1871, a deadly riot broke out on the Mesilla plaza in front of the Reynolds & Griggs store following a confrontation between processions of marching Democrats and Republicans. Nine were killed and forty or fifty wounded. Troops were summoned from Fort Selden to put a stop to the unrest. It’s said that it was Griggs who supplied the messenger, Rafael Camunez, with his prized Kentucky race horse to carry word of the disturbance to the Fort.

Group on Plaza ca 1890-1900
Ladies in Front of MVS 1890
Inside MVS Prior to Remodel
Postmaster William Charles Reynolds
MVS 1914
Leonard Nimoy with Mary Taylor 1966
Pot O Gold Storefront NW 1974
J Alidib Prop
MVS Store Front 2015